Buttery Seared Salmon with Artichokes

The Chef Jan 14, 2021


Pan-Seared Salmon with Artichokes


I'm seasoning my salmon and this is a very elegant light dish. I think it's perfect for boat cruise.

I've started heating up my pan. I'm gonna add a little bit of oil to it and we're gonna pan sear them let's sear these babies see how beautiful that is I'm going to season the other side. I really like to season the salmon really well so it's got a salty crust on it.

while the salmon starts to sear what I'm going to do when I flip it is baste it with a little bit of butter and oregano. I want to chop up a little bit of this fresh oregano and the oregano is very pungent you could use dried oregano just remember that it's a lot stronger. so you don't want to use quite as much but the fresh works really well with the salmon. it's nice and clean

we're gonna add white wine the artichokes give it this lemony almost licoricey flavor to it. which I really like. we've got that we're gonna ad two whole stalks to it. just to infuse in the oil and the butter. then we're gonna chop one stock to really coat the fish so until that's ready. we're going to start on the shallot because we're going to cook the artichokes with a little bit of shallot some spinach and some sweet sun-dried tomatoes

our shallot is done let's flip the fis nice golden color on it yeah baby. we're going to add a little bit of butter and the oregano just like that and the rest of the oregano look how pretty. that is so pretty we're gonna melt the butter. then what we're gonna do is we're just gonna baste it a little bit that sort of butter olive oil mix with the oregano. we're gonna baste the fish. that's just to add more flavor kind of like when it's thanksgiving.

you're basting a turkey same idea I do this with eggs too. when i make fried eggs keeps it nice and moist gives it. a beautiful sheen all right my salmon is ready. what we're going to do is we're going to take the salmon out along with the oregano there we go perfect look how gorgeous that is smells divine. okay so now that we've got this we're gonna add a little bit more oil and i am going to add the shallots and the artichokes about nine ounces of frozen and thawed artichoke hearts and start sautéing them a little bit frozen vegetables are totally great to use you just have to make sure you season them well. then we're gonna add one of my favorite ingredients sun-dried tomatoes. i just love the sweet rich flavor that they add to dishes we're gonna add three quarters of a cup of sun-dried tomatoes super fast and then we're going to deglaze with a little bit of white wine to sort of start creating a nice little sauce for the salmon.

Perfect a great cocktail with this particular dish would be my prosecco sangria it. would really round this off really well okay so that's done now we're gonna add some spinach and butter to finish this off. we make this in Vegas and it's a very very popular salmon dish. you can see why because it's super super easy.  light but also feels really special and you know ingredients are elegant. it's got a little everything in it. so now you just want to wilt down the spinach a little bit add a little bit more butter just to kind of give it a nice little sheen a nice velvety texture.

we are good to go all right time to put the salmon back in here and this dish is done look how beautiful that looks okay guys dinner time salmon with artichokes spinach and sun-dried tomatoes and a white wine sauce.


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